Gnostic Illustration of the Architect of the Universe

“But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.” (Daniel 11:38 KJV)


Today many religions and cults identify “The Architect of the Universe” as the God of Christianity. But is this “Architect” the true God of Abraham? And if he is, why isn’t he mentioned in the Bible? Neither the prophets nor the Apostles ever used that name to refer to God. Let us review the historical background and origins of such mysterious name.

The Architect of the Universe is a Rosicrucian conception of God that derives from schools of Gnosticism and philosophy. (See Wikipedia article on the Great Architect of the Universe), (The Rosicrucian conception of God and the scheme of evolution)

John Calvin (1509-1564) a french theologian who developed the system of Christian theology later called Calvinism, was one of the first well known “Christians” to ever used the name “The Architect of the Universe” to refer to God.

“John Calvin, in his Institutes of the Christian Religion (1536), repeatedly calls the Christian God “the Architect of the Universe”, also referring to his works as “Architecture of the Universe”, and in his commentary on Psalm 19 refers to the Christian God as the ‘Great Architect’ or ‘Architect of the Universe’.” (Wikipedia article on the Great Architect of the Universe) Bolds added by blog.

According to some accounts, John Calvin was a Jewish infiltrator who changed his name in order to divide Christianity and create confusion. It is a fact that most of the ecumenical movements today base their doctrines on Calvinism. It is also interesting to see that most of these religions with Calvinist roots are not only the modern Judaizers of the gospel but they also spend considerable amount of time preaching Zionism.

Contrary to general belief, Calvinism is of Jewish origin. It was deliberately conceived to split the adherents of the Christian religions and divide the people. Calvin’s real name was Cohen! When he went from Geneva to France to start preaching his doctrine he became known as Cauin. Then in England it became Calvin. History proves that there is hardly a revolutionary plot that wasn’t hatched in Switzerland; there is hardly a Jewish revolutionary leader who hasn’t changed his name. 

At B’nai B’rith celebrations held in Paris, France, in 1936 Cohen, Cauvin, or Calvin, whatever his name may have been, was enthusiastically acclaimed to have been of Jewish descent.” (The Catholic Gazette, February, 1936).

The B’nai B’rith according to the Jewish Encyclopedia:

“The B’nai B’rith, or Sons of The Covenant is the largest and oldest Jewish fraternal organization. It has (1902) a membership of about 30,000, divided into more than 330 lodges and 10 grand lodges, distributed over the United States, Germany, Rumania, Austria-Hungary, Egypt, and Palestine. It was founded in New York in 1843 by a number of German Jews, headed by Henry Jones, for the purpose of instilling the principles of morality among the followers of the Mosaic faith—uniting them on a platform upon which all could stand regardless of dogma and ceremonial custom—and of inculcating charity, benevolence, and brotherly love as the highest virtues.” (See Jewish Encyclopedia article on B’nai B’rith)

Freemasonry and Secret Societies

In the Book “Occult Theocrasy”, Edith Starr Miller talks about the importance of the date Sept. 20, 1870 as the date that Freemasonry adopted officially the term of the “Great Architect of the Universe” as their divinity.

The date of Sept. 20, 1870, is not only an Italian date, it is above all a great masonic date, for it marks the organization of a supreme rite, introduced into Freemasonry, to lend a satanic character to the vague divinity more or less well known by the name of ‘The great Architect of the Universe’.” (Edith Starr Miller, Occult Theocrasy, pp. 207-208, 1933)


The God of Freemasonry is the pantheistic god of nature. Former Mason Edmond Ronayne stated about the “G.A.O.T.U.” (Great Architect of the Universe):

Freemasonry ‘carefully excludes’ the Lord Jesus Christ from the lodge and chapter, repudiates His mediatorship, rejects his atonement, denies and disowns His gospel, frowns upon his religion and his church, ignores the Holy Spirit, and sets up for itself a spiritual empire, a religious theocracy, at the head of which it places the G.A.O.T.U. -the god of nature- and from which the only living true God is expelled by resolution.” (Former Mason – Edmond Ronayne, The Master’s Carpet or Masonry and Baal-Worship-Identical, pg. 87, 1887)

Later in the same book he continue talking about the G.A.O.T.U. or (Great Architect of the Universe):

The Lodge room then has brought us a symbol of the universe, governed by the Sun God, and it’s cubicle form expressed in the language of the ritual is made to represent the united power of light and darkness, and the constant conflict which is supposed to be always going on between them. In other words the lodge room is the real heaven (in miniature), where the god of nature G.A.O.T.U. always presides, where his symbol is always displayed, where his worship is always practiced.” (Edmond Ronayne, The Master’s Carpet or Masonry and Baal-Worship-Identical, pp. 301-302, 1887) Bolds added.

The Great Architect of the Universe (also Grand Architect of the Universe or Supreme Architect of the Universe) is a conception of God discussed by many Christian theologians and apologists. As a designation it is used within Freemasonry to neutrally represent whatever Supreme Being to which each member individually holds in adherence. It is also a Rosicrucian conception of God, as expressed by Max Heindel. The concept of the Demiurge as a grand architect or a great architect also occurs in Gnosticism and other religious and philosophical systems.” (See Wikipedia article on The Great Architect of the Universe)

Albert Pike, Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry and Guiseppe Mazzini, Sovereign Chief of Political Action made an alliance and founded what was called the New and Reformend Palladian Rite. This new Palladian or Palladium Rite would control and be the head of the Universal Freemasonry. Edith Starr Miller explains how these Freemasons used in their dogmas for the Palladium Rite what we know today as the theology of inversion:

…Palladism is essentially a Luciferian rite. Its religion is Manichean new-gnosticism, teaching that the divinity is dual and that Lucifer is the equal of Adonay, with Lucifer, the God of Light and goodness struggling for humanity against Adonay the God of Darkness and Evil. In stating this principle of the secret cult of the triangles, Albert Pike had only specified and unveiled the dogmas of the high grades of all other masonries, for in no matter what rite, the Great Architect of the Universe is not the God worshiped by the Christians.” (Edith Starr Miller, Occult Theocrasy, pp. 216-217, 1933) Bolds added by blog

“This ‘Great Architect Of The Universe’ that the Freemasons worship is just like the ‘Universal It’ or ‘Force’ that the New Age Religion believes in. That is because the New Age Movement is just one of the many vehicles through which Satan works to bring in his evil pantheistic ideas to the people, and he is enjoying great success!” (Claudia Thompson,,Freemasonry Lodge and The Great Architect of the Universe)

Medieval Illustration of the Architect of the Universe using Geometry


“The Great Architect may also be a metaphor alluding to the godhead potentiality of every individual. “(God)… That invisible power which all know does exist, but understood by many different names, such as God, Spirit, Supreme Being, Intelligence, Mind, Energy, Nature and so forth.” (Mary Ann Slipper, The Symbolism of the Eastern Star Pages 35 and 36), (Wikipedia article on the Great Architect of the Universe)

The Architect of the Universe – Demiurge

The word means literally a public worker, demioergós, demiourgós, and was originally used to designate any craftsman plying his craft or trade for the use of the public. Soon, however, technítes and other words began to be used to designate the common artisan while demiurge was set aside for the Great Artificer or Fabricator, the Architect of the universe.

(Arendzen, J. (1908). Demiurge. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. Retrieved January 6, 2012 from New Advent)

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia the Supreme God, Demiurge became a common term in Gnosticism.

The Gnostics, however, were not satisfied merely to emphasize the distinction between the Supreme God, or God the Father, and the Demiurge, but in many of their systems they conceived the relation of the Demiurge to the Supreme God as one of actual antagonism, and the Demiurge became the personification of the power of evil, the Satan of Gnosticism, with whom the faithful had to wage war to the end that they might be pleasing to the Good God. The Gnostic Demiurge then assumes a surprising likeness to Ahriman, the evil counter-creator of Ormuzd in Mazdean philosophy.” (ibid., New Advent)

Henry Wallace, 33rd Vice President of the United States and also a prominent mason wrote about the significance of the Great Seal:

It will take a more definite recognition of the Grand Architect of the Universe before the apex stone [capstone of the pyramid] is finally fitted into place and this nation in the full strength of its power is in position to assume leadership among the nations in inaugurating ‘the New Order of the Ages’.” (Wallace, Henry A., 1934. Statesmanship and Religion. New York, USA: Round Table Press, Inc, pp 78-79.)

The “Novus Ordo Seclorum” under the Eye of the Great Architect of the Universe

According to Henry Wallace, in a letter dated February 6, 1951, and a follow-up letter of 1955, he was very impressed when he saw the Latin phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum”. This is how he describes it in his letter:

In 1934 when I was Sec. of Agriculture I was waiting in the outer office of Secretary [of State Cordell] Hull and as I waited I amused myself by picking up a State Department publication which was on a stand there entitled, “The History of the Seal of the United States”. Turning to page 53 I noted the colored reproduction of the reverse side of the Seal. The Latin phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum impressed me as meaning the New Deal of the Ages. Therefore I took the publication to President Rossevelt and suggested a coin be put out with the obverse and reverse sides of the Seal. Roosevelt as he looked at [the] colored reproduction of the Seal was first struck with the representation of the All-Seeing Eye, a Masonic representation of The Great Architect of the Universe.

Next he was impressed with the idea that the foundation of the new order of the ages had been laid in 1776 but that it would be completed only under the eye of the Great Architect. Roosevelt like myself was a 32nd degree Mason. He suggested that the Seal be put out on the dollar bill rather than a coin and took the matter up with the Secretary of the Treasury. When the first draft came back from the Treasury the obverse side was on the left of the bill as is the heraldic practice. Roosevelt insisted that the order be reversed so that the phrase “of the United States” would be under the obverse side of the Seal. I believe he was also responsible for introducing the word “Great” in the phrase “The Great Seal” as it is found under the reverse side of the Seal on the left of our dollar bills.” (Brian Burrell, The words we live by, Chap. “Semper Fi”,1997) bolds added by blog.

Léo Taxil, Les Mystères de la franc-maçonnerie dévoilés (1886)


Many modern cults in America, specially the ones founded by self appointed prophets and teachers like Joseph Smith, Ellen G. White, Charles T. Russell, William Miller, etc., are known for teaching their followers to accept all sorts of Masonic names when referring to God. These false prophets have used in their writings all sorts of strange names most likely borrowed from Gnosticism or Freemasonry. Some of them are; the Great Architect, Divine Architect, Angelic Architect, Great Builder, Great Master Architect, Heavenly Architect, Supreme Architect, the All-Seeing Eye, the Holy Watcher, etc…

Lucifer the god of forces:

When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft.  The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy.” (Manly P. Hall, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, edition 2006 originally published in 1923, pp. 50, 51). Bolds added

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